R56.9 - "Quicken is unable to open the data file" & must log in again to attach an image

pam120800 Member ✭✭

Quicken build, Windows 10 Enterprise

I reviewed the previous discussion for the same error on R52.33 from Dec 2023 which indicated the issue was related to OneDrive. Ironically, my issue started well after the release of the patch which was supposed to resolve this issue. I have my Quicken files on OneDrive without issue since its inception years ago. This past week I started getting the "…unable to open the data file…" error when I open Quicken. After I click "Ok", I get another dialog box with derivatively says "Unable to open selected file." But I can open the data file by using the Quicken menu clicking File→[file path of recent file]. Not a showstopper of an issue, it is just annoying and appears that developers thought this was fixed with a previous update.

One matter doesn't seem to have been included in the earlier versions of this issue is Quicken asking for my login password when I try to add an attachment to a register entry. Again, not a showstopper, but it is new and likely wasn't meant to happen with the rollout of a previous update.

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