Sold security, transaction posted but now shows security and cash (Placeholder issue)

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I sold 100% of my holdings in a security - the only thing that was in this particular account. There were only four transactions associated with this security, all of the names match, nothing seems weird. The cash resulting from the sale posted to Quicken, but it didn't relieve the shares. So now it looks like I still own the security and have equivalent value in cash.

Using Quicken Deluxe v 7.7.0

(Of course I can enter the adjustment manually, but it makes me worried about other transactions that might not post correctly in accounts where I own a dozen or more securities).


  • bethwr
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    I sort of figured it out. Somehow there was a transaction dated in 2013 that added the same number of shares that I owned, but entered at zero value. When I hovered over the transaction, a grey box appeared which said something like "this is a placeholder transaction which will automatically be adjusted to reflect the amount of shares owned. . . "

    Very weird - I only bought the security in 2019.

  • RickO
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    Placeholder transactions are automatically created to try to make the Quicken share balance agree with what is being received from the brokerage. Sometimes they get out of whack. It could be the brokerage reporting may just not have caught up with the transactions. Or it could something else. As you probably discovered, just deleting the placeholder usually restores the proper balances in such cases.

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