Linking Existing Ameritrade accounts to Schwab


Trying to change Ameritrade account to Schwab. I have cancelled the old link, and then tried to reestablish it with schwab. Schwab finds the correct account but Quicken will not allow me to link it to the existing Ameritrade account, in the Window that says "link to existing account". The existing Ameritrade account is not offered as an option


  • Hen
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    Unfortunately they locked the previous threads on this, thinking the prior transfers were one and done. The rest of us were switched to Schwab this past weekend.

    I too was switched this past weekend. I did have the option of linking to my old account and it downloaded duplicate dividends all the way back to March, came up with TDA TRAN prefixes for all my option trades, so they appeared as duplicates. My cash balance was off by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    I deleted them last night and this morning did a One Step Update and it added all of them back. Now when I go to the Home page of my Quicken, I get an hour glass that never goes away because the program is non responding

    I went back to an old Backup, restored it and tried to add the transferred Schwab accounts as new accounts. This time none of my stock or option holdings appear in the new Schwab accounts and the program still locks up when I go to the home screen.

    There used to be a way to view a stock account as both stock and banking. I do not see that choice anywhere. I think I might have to start with a completely new file and start anew with all my accounts.

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    I too was switched from TD to Schwab on May 13th. I created one Schwab account and when I click to connect with Schwab the blue wheel spins and then eventually times out. I cannot get a connection.

    I added using the + button, and then Schwab icon is available. Click on that, and then you continue past an info screen, and then to "Charles Schwab needs to authorize your accounts". In the center of the screen is a "sign In" button. I click on that and the spinning blue circle appears and eventually times out. I am not familiar with the choice of account as both stock and banking. I never get to that point.