Paper clip icon doesn't display after adding attachment


This is a problem I've had for many months. Have reported several times and still not resolved. Problem is that if you add an attachment and then do something else to the transaction, such as type something into the memo field or mark the transaction as reconciled, the paper clip icon, showing there is an attachment, does not display. To avoid, you have to break the update into two steps, e.g., enter something into memo field, save transaction, then add attachment. To address if you've added the attachment and the icon doesn't display, delete and re-add the attachment. What a pain! And for the problem to have existed for so long. If realize it's not a "Severity 1" problem but come on Quicken, I pay my subscription fee and install updates when available. I'm doing all I can. How about you doing your part???



  • Bob6
    Bob6 Member ✭✭✭

    Been this way for awhile. Come on Quicken!!!

  • batguano
    batguano Member ✭✭

    This is a long standing problem - months, maybe over a year. Please, Quicken developers, find and permanently fix the problem of the paperclip icon not appearing after adding an attachment to a Quicken transaction.

    A previous thread suggested pressing Enter on the keyboard, rather than clicking Done in the Transaction Attachments window. This works sometimes but is not a complete solution. In any event, clicking Done should work as expected.

    In my experience, the issue seems to be one of timing when to click Done or press Enter. If I wait several seconds after the attachment image appears in the Transaction Attachments window, the paperclip icon appears every time. Apparently there is some processing of the attachment going on in the background that is not visible to the user. It would be better to show a spinning wheel or other indication in the Quicken window like many other PC apps do while user input cannot be accepted.

    A related question is what is Quicken doing with our attachments during those several seconds of processing on a high performance PC? I don't use Quicken Mobile so it shouldn't be copying my attachments to Quicken's servers. But maybe ….???