Etrade Morgan Stanley downloads only working for "Simple Tracking, not showing purchases & sales

Rob Member ✭✭

After reading a number of other etrade> Morgan Stanley posts, I notice a few differences and I'd like to ask what will get me back to "downloading all purchases, sales of securities and interest & dividends".

I've used quicken for years, and always use Complete Investment "Registers" with complete position and transaction information with dates (similar to a checking account register)

Currently, I've changed the account numbers to the Morgan Stanley ones and it's only downloading things like dividends & interest transactions for each account, but not purchases & sales of securities. It changed itself to "Simple tracking" during the switch to morgan stanely, but I changed it back on each account in account edit/ general/ complete tracking but that doesn't help it download the purchases & sales.

I'm still using financial institution : "Quicken E*Trade" and if I re sign in it says "" Is this ok?

I confirmed on that I have said yes to 3rd party data connections.

I saw someone say they are using direct connect, but mine says "one connection method, Express Web Connect", is this ok? Or do I need "direct connect" which I don't see how to switch to.

Any other ideas?

As I say, my connection works for "interest and dividends, but not the information to keep my holdings correct (numbers of shares, buys & sells, etc)

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