After Quicken updates to new version - some "splits" are trashed (edit)

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This has happened repeatedly. When Quicken updates to a new version, some (not all) of my split transaction do not transfer properly. It seems that if 'ATM' is in the 'Check #' column, this behavior happens.

In the image below, I transferred $50 to cash with a $1.50 ATM charge. All was correct. However, when Quicken updated - and this has happened with numerous updates, I have to hit the adjust button on some of these splits to remove the -1.50 in row 3 to have Quicken report the correct amount $51.50.

This has also happened to some of my paycheck split transactions. Currently, these split transactions back to 2006 for one employer are no longer correct. I have to enter each one to hit the adjust button.

Another bug i have found is in naming categories. I sometimes use the '<' and '>' characters. If I try to name a category beginning with an 'a' or a 'b', Quicken does not completely enter the entry. Thus, <atest> or <btest> won't work, but <ctest>, <dtest> etc will work.

I'm on Win 11 R56.9


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    As an update, I have two HIDDEN accounts that I no longer use, but leave for reporting, that are now almost $200K out of balance. All due to split transactions needing to be 'adjusted'.