Reconcile Problem


I tried to reconcile a credit card account in Quicken and got a mismatched cleared balance compared to the statement. Quicken wanted to do a balance adjustment. I later found that 3 payment entries in a linked checking account, from which I make payments to the CC account, had the wrong transfer catagory and the CC was missing this exact $ amount ( this was the balance adjustment amount quicken offered ). Very strange as these transactions were old and previously reconciled in the CC account with no problems. Anyway, I fixed the catagory/txfr issue and the entries now showed up in the CC ledger, but the cleared balance in the reconcile window was still showing a large difference as if the new entries were not even included in the cleared balance. I suspect something happened in the upgrade last year. I suppose, I should just accept the balance adjustment, but I don't like it.

Any ideas on what happened?





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    If previously reconciled transactions went missing & had to be recreated, they are no longer marked as reconciled. IIRC Quicken won't include them in your current reconciliation either because the transaction dates are outside the date range being reconciled. If you go to the reconciliation history you should see a discrepancy for the time period where those transactions occurred. You can try re-reconciling that statement, but in my experience that doesn't always work. You may end up having to clear the reconciliation history & re-reconcile the entire account history. Fortunately you don't have to do that month by month, you can just do it all in one big reconciliation.