T-Bill / Bond Maturity Issue

desireecpan Member
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Anyone else having an issue with the lack of basic investment functionality? Specifically, having to kluge a T-Bill maturity since Quicken doesn't have the functionality to record it properly, unless I'm missing something?

I have recorded a T-Bill purchase as a "buy bond" at the discounted price. I recorded the maturity as a "sell bond" at the face value. When I do this, Quicken records the income as a capital gain, rather than as interest income, which are treated differently for tax purposes. I had to record the sale of the bond at the purchase price and separately calculate and input the interest income.

Not a huge deal, as I found a manual workaround, but this is a very basic investment that should be handled properly in any financial software, and it worked just fine for me in the Windows version. I'm dumbfounded!

Anyone have anything to add or comment? Thanks!

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