Quicken cannot find a QDF file that is listed in the recently used file list

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Several weeks ago one account in a QDF file was corrupted probably after an update. After a couple of attempts I found an uncorrupted backup file that I restored to a different file name.
I then used that file but I did not like the name. So I changed the file name to a 7-character name using Windows file explorer. I can open that file either by clicking on it in Windows file explorer or by using open in Quicken file.
Then I needed to use a second QDF file that I have. No problem. The second file opened fine from the recently used file list.
But when I wanted to go back to the first file, Quicken says that it cannot find the file. This happens whether I had opened the file before from file explorer or from Open in Quicken file.
How do I fix this problem?
Having to seek the file directly is inconvenient every time I have used another QDF file. Incidentally, I do not use Quicken Cloud.


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    and to clarify - what files are listed as part of the 4 most recent entries at the bottom of the FILE - menu ?
    and - where are these QDF files saved ?

    Once you Open a Quicken QDF file - either way - it should then be listed as 1 of the 4 in the FILE menu -

    You can also use the Quicken - FILE —> Find Quicken Files -

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    One possibility to consider is when the newly renamed file name includes a trailing space, e.g., Test_.QDF (where the _underscore represents the space. That won't work.
    In Windows File Explorer, with Quicken closed, review the list of QDF files.
    Make sure that the list of file names includes the file extensions (or enable that by clicking on View and enabling the File name extensions option)

    Because the list of files used in the File Menu in Quicken is terminated by Space, a file name with a trailing space,
    like Test .QDF cannot be found.
    With Quicken closed, using File Explorer, rename the file and remove the trailing space: Test.QDF
    When done double-click the renamed file to open it with Quicken. From now on you will be able to select this file from the Quicken File Menu list and, when you start Quicken using the normal Desktop icon, Quicken will be able to find the last used file.

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    Thank you for these ideas. It turns out that the file's whole name was Test.qdf.qdf . That duplicate extension caused Quicken to not cognize the name when used from the most recent files list. Both answers urged me to look at the file names more closely. Problem solved! thank you again.

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    also - I find it a really good idea to show the [x] File name Extensions -
    Use File Explorer - go to any subdir - click VIEW - you get this menu -