Is there a problem with the pricing of fixed income securities today?

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I have updated the investment prices and the fixed income securities are way out of line.


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    Fixed income prices come from your broker, not the Quicken pricing service. Also, depending on the broker/connection there may be a delay in updating your fixed income prices. As an example, I have Schwab accounts which contain some fixed income securities. Schwab only updates the fixed income security prices sometime after 8PM. I just checked and they seem to be updated online now but those updates are not downloading to Quicken yet. This is because the Schwab connection is not "Direct connect". The connection is "Express Web Connect+" which only grabs the data from Schwab periodically (I'm not sure of the exact timing of this - maybe someone more familiar can contribute that information).

    The other thing with fixed income prices is that they are only updated when you do a one step update. They are not updated when you click "Update" in the Investing Tab. Doing that only gets prices from the Quicken pricing service.

    So, bottom line, is that it could be a timing issue. Can you explain more by what you mean "way out of line"? What broker do you have?

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