How to merge transactions for a merger where they kept one Name but adopted the other Symbol?

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Usually when a company acquires another they keep their name and symbol, or create new ones. In the case of Physicians Realty Trust (DOC), they acquired Healthpeak Properties Inc (PEAK) and took the Healthpeak name but kept the DOC symbol. I held both before the merger, and this means I can't just merge them down to one existing name and symbol.

I want to combine them while keeping the transaction history for buys, sells and dividends to get a correct history and cost basis. Suggestions for a way to combine these so I end up with the correct name and symbol?

Thanks for anyone who knows how to do this!


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    Quicken Mac won't let you have two different securities with the same symbol OR the same name, so there's no good way to handle this that I can see. What I would probably do in this situation is set the name of DOC to something like "Healthpeak (formerly Physicians Realty)".

    Or you could change the name of DOC to "Healthpeak Properties", change the name of PEAK to something else like "pre-merger Healthpeak Properties", and add a memo to all the pre-merger DOC transactions explaining that they were really trades in Physicians Realty Trust.