RBC Mortgage Account - Payment Details Ledger not showing

justmakeitwork Member, Windows Beta, Canada Beta Beta

Hello, I have setup downloading a Mortgage Loan via RBC Express Connect. I can download the transactions however when I go view the Mortgage Payment Details (Ledger) Page shows blank under the Graph. Has anyone else successfully setup a Mortgage Account using Express Web Connect?


  • Arctic Hare
    Arctic Hare SuperUser ✭✭✭✭

    I highly recommend that you don't download mortgage transactions - and you'll receive the same advice from many/most/all other SuperUsers. You will likely never get Quicken's loan feature to calculate principle and interest to match what RBC calculates because the Quicken algorithm is not fully aligned with the Canadian interest calculation method. This is one of the many ways in which the Canadian version of Quicken is not very Canadian. I recommend that you set up a loan in Quicken and let it approximately track your mortgage - and accept the approximation. Furthermore, there really is no value in downloading the transactions because Quicken automatically enters approximations of the transactions by itself. IMHO, it is not worth the effort required to keep a Quicken loan aligned with a Canadian mortgage, which typically required frequent manual adjustments… and that is advice coming from someone who is persistent to a fault ;-)