Quicken Canada for Mac - supported banks?

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I use Tangerine and Amex - love the ease of Tangerine and Amex is ok but I'd prefer if it could be updated easily and regularly rather than exported from Amex and imported to Quicken.

Is there a bank that updates easily, like Tangerine?


  • Gilles9
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    For the ones I use: National Bank of Canada and TD have Quicken Connect as Tangerine does

    Desjardins and CIBC, at least for the Credit card are like Amex Canada, you need to download the QFX file from their sites

    I do not know for other Canadian Banks

  • jckedwards
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    RBC also uses Quicken Connect.

    For PC Financial you have to download a QFX

  • snipes
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    BMO, Simplii, Rogers and EQ Bank also use Quicken Connect.

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