Quicken freezing during validation

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So, I was having trouble with Quicken Premiere freezing during One Step Update. Since Customer Service is closed for the weekend, I searched here on the community forum. I was following instructions to back up and then validate my file. It is now frozen in the midst of "validating file…Checking stock splits."

What a pain! I was counting on some extra time this holiday weekend to get caught up on my bookkeeping.


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    Quicken Validate running in circles while "checking stock splits" has been reported in the past. I don't remember ever seeing a solution to this problem being posted.
    If Quicken doesn't finish by itself within 30 minutes, you may have no other choice but to kill Quicken again with the Task Manager. After that, restore your Quicken data file from the most recent backup taken before you started running Validate for the first time, e.g., the backup taken the evening before. You do take backups every time you close Quicken, don't you?
    And don't run Validate again until you have figured out where, during One Step Update, Quicken hangs or loops. If it's during update of Express Web Connect - connected bank accounts wait for 30 minutes before you consider killing Quicken again. Quicken should come out of the loop after 30 minutes and give you an error message.
    If the OSU hangs during Sync to cloud you need to Reset Sync instead and create a new Sync file on the server.

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    UKR, thank you for your help on this topic. Today, the same issue was in effect. I called Quicken Customer Support and got hold of Lester. We spent a long time on the phone and he walked me through a diagnosis. The hang-up seemed to be related to my online investment accounts and their quote updates. We super validated* my file and it seemed to fix the problem. He helped me with some other issues and questions, so it was a very profitable afternoon.

    *Ctrl+Shift+Validate and Repair