How to change which transaction a paid bill reminder links to


I'm running Quicken Premier 2017 R20.6 Build

I have a bill reminder setup for a bi-weekly paycheck. Occasionally we will be issued two paychecks on payday if there is a bonus or if some correction is required. In these cases what I normally do is first enter the bill corresponding to the standard paycheck, then go to my checking account register, right click on the transaction corresponding to the bill reminder I just entered, copy it, paste it, then edit the copied transaction to match the additional paycheck.

Having two paychecks on the same day seems to confuse Quicken when there is a bill reminder in place, as when I go back to the "Bill Reminders" calendar, the reminder sometimes (but not always) now links to the extra paycheck rather than the standard one. Is it possible to change this?

For reference, my issue is when I right click on the day on the Bill Reminder calendar on which I received two paychecks then click Transactions, the transaction shown is usually for the extra paycheck, not the standard one. Is it possible to change this link such that it points to the standard paycheck and not the extra one I copied and pasted in?

EDIT: I found one example in my Bill Reminder calendar where both paychecks, i.e. the original and the one I copied/pasted/edited/saved, are listed on the correct day. I have no idea what sequence of steps I took to enter this particular pair of paychecks, but apparently it's possible to have more than one paycheck listed on one day of the Bill Reminder calendar.


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    Have you tried changing the Payee Name of the 2nd paycheck transaction, the bonus or correction, to a slightly different payee name, e.g., "Acme Anvils - Bonus"?
    This should prevent confusion with the memorized routine paycheck transaction.
    And, if you make sure the Bonus paycheck is also memorized, you can use it again next time, without the need for a cumbersome copy / paste / edit process.