No option to print on legal paper (Q Mac)

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When I try and print a report, it only shows "US Letter" as the Paper Size. If I try to print a register, there are options for other sizes, such as "US Legal". Is there some trick to printing reports on legal paper, other than doing a custom size? I'm pretty sure it used to work.


  • RickO
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    In the print dialog, you should be able to select legal paper for printing reports exactly the same as for registers. Oh, I think I see the problem… with a register open, you can use menu File > Page Setup to set the paper size. But with a report window open, that menu is grayed out.

    This should not be a problem. Instead of using Page Setup, when you get to the macOS print dialog (just before you click the Print button), you can change the paper size there. Mine looks like this:

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