Quicken Windows iMac Parallels Save Backup Fails


I use an iMac today running Sonoma 14.5. I was running Quicken via Bootcamp and Win10.
I recently converted to Parallels and Win11. I am on Quicken R56.9

Parallels is a lot nicer. It maps several different Mac directories into Windows drives. My Qdata file is local to the Win11 environment.

However, I would like to 'Save Backup' into iCloud, for what I hope are fairly obvious reasons.

That is currently failing. I suspect the reason is that the default name for the computer includes a 'quote'. For me, this becomes "David's iMac".

At this point, I don't really want to change my computer 'Name' because I don't know if it would impact anything else.

I wonder if the DEV team has the ability to try this.

I don't think that continuing to run Quicken Windows on a Mac, running Parallels or something else, is necessarily unusual. And would really like to have off-computer backups work automatically.


  • davidinangelfire
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    'save backup'

  • UKR
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    Hmmm … have you tried mapping a Windows drive directly to the Documents - David's iMac folder so that the resulting path becomes