Can I open a Mac backup file in Windows?

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I have backup files made using Quicken for Mac, but I no longer have access to that computer to create an export file. How can I import that file into Quicken for Windows?


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    There's a trick you can use to convert a Mac Quicken backup file (ending in .quickenbackup) to a regular Mac Quicken file (ending in .quicken) without having Quicken Mac available. To to this, change the extension from .quickenbackup to .zip. Then use an unzip utility to unzip it. This will result in a .quicken file.

    However, this is not really going to help you because you still need to run Quicken on a Mac to create the QXF file to transfer to Windows. My only suggestion is to find someone with a Mac that you can borrow. Your subscription lets you run Quicken on both platforms, so go to your account on the borrowed machine, download QMac, install it, import the backup, create the QXF, then delete Quicken from that machine.

    Also bear in mind that the Mac to Win conversion process for Quicken is known to be very faulty. I don't have the details, but a search here in the community should provide that info.

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