Split transactions - Add Payee column for checks/payments & add Who From column for deposits[Edited]


A split transaction could use one more column to better record the transaction.

It should have a column for the Pyee for a check transaction and one column for Who From for a deposit transaction. (If, for a deposit, you also added a column for type, {cash, check} you could also print the deposit ticket.)

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  • UKR
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    More details, please.
    Which view or report are you looking at? Can you show an example, an image snapshot of what you're looking at?

    Usually, when you manually record a transaction, the check payee name or the "who from" name in a deposit is recorded by you in the Quicken register's Payee Name field.
    However, when you download and automatically accept transactions for a paper check you wrote or a deposit you made, the bank does not know about the check's payee name or the person and can only download some generic information, e.g., Check 1234 or ATM Deposit.

    It is up to you to fill in the blanks and provide proper Payee Names for each transaction.

  • volvogirl
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    And instead of using a split transaction for a deposit, you can use an intermediate holding account. Set up an account and call it something like Checks Received or Undeposited Payments. Then enter the payments into it. Then when you make the deposit to your bank account you transfer the total deposit amount to the new account. That way when you download your bank transactions the deposit will match. Or you should use the holding account if you receive payments in one year (like in Dec) but don't make the deposit until the next year (like Jan.).

    You don't run to the bank each time you get a check.  So you need a holding account so you can show the income when you received it.  Then you wait until you get a bunch of checks to go to the bank.

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