Synchrony Retail Card Download Problem

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I see other questions about problems with Synchrony cards, but have not yet come across an answer to this specific Quicken message (below). I have been able to download transactions from Quicken for the four cards I have serviced by Synchrony (Lowe's, Amazon, Sam's Club, Chevron-Texaco) for a long time. But last week I started getting this:

It appears this account is at a bank that no longer supports downloading. You can resolve this by disconnecting to make this a manual account or set up the account at a new bank. (112)

The Synchrony site has instructions to download transactions manually from there, but I'd rather close the accounts before I spend time and headaches doing that. Quicken itself only offers to help me "disconnect and set up manually" or "set up connectivity to the associated accounts at a different bank (huh?).

Has any other Quicken Mac/Synchrony user been able to deal with this? Would it help to disconnect each account and try again to set up downloads via Quicken? Or are they really no longer supporting connections from Quicken? Or do I need to contact the bank and make sure they're really only available manually now? Thanks for any help!


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    My Sam'sClub M/C downloads fine, so I doubt that one is a synchrony problem. I don't have any of your other cards. I would try disconnecting and re-connecting. If that doesn't work, I'd give Quicken support a call.

  • strachan
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    Thanks so much, Dennis@1. I'll give it a try!

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