Long time user - performance is so bad I may give it up this year


Every click in this app is a 10 to 30 second wait. It seems to have gotten worse and worse over the years. I have archived data, made sure no malware is running against the data file. Moved the file to a non-cloud drive and made sure the file is not being replicated…. None of this seems to have had much of an impact. Does anyone have any tips for improving performance? The spinning circle is out of control.

Quicken Classic Deluxe


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    Slow performance?

    Does this issue occur when working with banking transactions or investment transactions?
    Are you an active day trader tracking thousands of securities?

    Please provide more details about your Quicken data file.

    I'd like to know if you have account registers where a single account is approaching or exceeding 16,000 transactions.

    What is the file size, in KB, as shown by Windows File Explorer?

    And I'd also like to see the "File Information" window (See below)

    Is any cloud backup software (Dropbox, MS OneDrive, etc.) actively accessing your Quicken data file while Quicken is running?
    What is the complete path and file name of your Quicken data file (e.g. C:\Users\username\Documents\Quicken\QDATA.QDF)?

    How much total RAM do you have installed?
    How much of the available RAM is in use after Quicken has started? Windows Task Manager will give you this information. 80% or higher?

    What version of Windows are you running?

    About file size and number of transactions:

    You can find out how many transactions you have in your data file by doing this:
    - Click Tools / Account List. This should tell you how many transactions you have in each of your accounts in an optional column, "# of Transactions".
    If this column is not shown in the Account List, click the Options button at the bottom of the Account List window, then click "Number of Transactions" to add the column.

    - File Information: Click Help in the Menu Bar. Shift+click About Quicken and it'll give you a File Information box. Please capture an image snapshot of this File Information box and attach it here.
    The Windows Snipping Tool can be used to capture a partial screen image and save it to a file of file type PNG, JPG, or GIF only.

    To attach the image here please review https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7867159/faq-how-do-i-post-a-screenshot-in-the-community-from-windows

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    I'm using Windows 11. 16m RAM and about 8 is in use when Quicken is running

    File Information 
    Size of QDF file: 80212K 
    Accounts: 31 
    Categories; 366 
    Memorized payees: 142 
    Securities/Max ref: 82/82 
    Transactions: 15103 
    System Resources 
    Available memory: 8077 MB 
    Total memory: 16110 MB 

    Filesize on Windows is 83.7 MB. The path is c:\users\<myname>\Documents\Quicken and there is no backup running against this folder or file.

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    Thanks for the response.
    Doesn't look like there's anything obviously wrong with the file.
    Can you tell me if you're using 1-line-per-transaction registers or 2-lines-per-transaction?

    I've heard comments that, for some users, 1-line registers perform poorly. To confirm this, please change your register to 2-line-per-transction mode and see if performance improves. To toggle between 1- and 2-line modes press CTRL-2