R56.9 - Lost Transactions


Windows 11; Quicken Classic Deluxe; Version R56.9; Build

Last night (6/5/24) I lost about 5 years' worth of transactions from a single account, a credit card account. The transactions were lost while the computer was in sleep mode.



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    so - Quicken was open/running and the computer went into Sleep mode…

    Do you have a recent backup you can Restore or Open ?

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    @gwheeler39 - there have been many reports of this happening to other users lately, including myself. This is very concerning. Along with missing transactions, there have been reports of closed accounts getting negative balances after an OSU. This also recently happened to me and another user at the same time. The negative balances can be fixed by doing a data file validate, but unfortunately, the missing transactions would need to be identified and manually reinput, if they cannot be downloaded from your FI, or you cannot get them back by restoring a backup.

    This is what happened to me back in August 2023. After I did an update, I noticed that my balances were way out of whack. I did a data file validate to fix the negative balances but had to manually reinput transactions. After that, things got worse where my data file was unusable, so were the backups. I had to establish a brand new Quicken ID and start over with a new subscription. August 2023 was a month from h*ll. To this day no one at Quicken can explain to me what happened.

    So, when I experienced this data loss and "wacky" balances at the end of May, and it seems, many other users did also, it made me a bit concerned. I am taking measures so I don't experience the same thing as I did in August 2023. But this type of thing seems to be happening more lately without any explanation.