Bank of Montreal US$ account, now downloads as CAN$


The One Step Update for US$ account would "correctly" update the $US values for the past year. Now (since about June 1st 2024) the One Step Update for US$ account gives errors; creates a NEW account in CAN$ and prompts for conversion values for EACH transaction.

See below…. BMO-USD would originally correctly display US$33…. Now CREATES a NEW account Other 2 USD2 $43…

Anyone else see this phenomenon?


  • Arctic Hare
    Arctic Hare SuperUser ✭✭✭✭

    I have stopped using Express Web Connect (i.e. One Step Update) for my BMO Mastercard account for the time being because there are serious issues that commenced in early February and Quicken has not resolved. There is an official problem report for the BMO issues that are affecting me. I've reverted to using Web Connect with BMO until those issues get resolved. The problems you are experiencing might be related.