Paycheck reminder/auto-entry, split/paycheck


I am on Quicken for Windows Version R56.9

A couple of weeks ago (not sure of an exact date, but in the last 6 weeks) My Paycheck reminder is being auto-entered as a split transaction instead of a Paycheck transaction. I have 2 problems here.

  1. I do not have this paycheck set as auto ENTERED, only as a reminder, since I always have to adjust the amounts due to overtime, I don't want it to auto-enter with the wrong amounts.
  2. When I go in to edit the above auto-entered transaction, it shows as a split transaction instead of a Paycheck transaction. The categories are all there, but not as a paycheck. I used the Paycheck Setup wizard to set this up originally and it was working fine.

I have since deleted the original reminder and re-entered the reminder from scratch using Paycheck Setup wizard and it continues to happen.

Anyone else having an issue with either of these problems?


  • FlyGuyTx
    FlyGuyTx Member ✭✭

    I have been having the same issue for a few months. I have deleted and recreated the income reminder using the paycheck wizard, but it will only "stick" for one or two pay periods, then it reverts back to a split transaction. In the past, I also had issues where it would show up in my register twice - once as a paycheck, and once as a split. I haven't seen that in the last couple of weeks.

    This is very annoying, as I have used the Paycheck feature for many years without issue. I hope Quicken looks at this soon.