Supplier for Quicken Wallet Checks - Check21 compatible


I recently needed new envelopes for wallet checks for Quicken. A Google search provided a link for

actually went to a company that I never heard of:

The browser tab for this page even shows the red Q logo.

I ordered CE28S checks. However, they are NOT compatible with Check21 checks. The address window displays the amount of the check. So I need to return these. This comapany's website says nothing about Check 21 compatibility.

So can I still order checks directly from Quicken? The link on the Quicken home page goes to the Harland Clarke company. If I can't order checks from Quicken, what is a good source for compatible envelopes (and in the future, checks)?

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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Harland Clarke is the source of pretty much all checks. You might think you are ordering from Quicken, but you are not. Same checks work for Intuit Quickbooks.

    I think your problem may be the envelopes. For many years, the wallet check window envelopes exposed too much. I complained about that forever.

    The windows are less tall now and the wallet checks look right without exposing the amount.

    I have no idea what CE28S is; never encountered that when ordering checks or envelopes.

    H-C should fix your order as they did mine, without requiring return of the defective product. It's not worth it for them.

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  • RalphC
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    For years, I've used ASAP Checks.

  • RalphC
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    For years, I've used ASAP Checks

  • UKR
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    If I understand you correctly, you're asking about ordering new envelopes for Wallet Checks, not ordering new Wallet Checks themselves. Correct?

    The problem with envelopes for wallet checks is that most suppliers' envelopes are a little too tall for the tiny check form to fit exactly without room to move around within the envelope … Like fitting a size 7 foot into a size 10 shoe …
    And, as a result, the windows don't line up with the address printed on the check and unwanted information is shown in the windows.

    Intuit, for Quicken and Quickbooks compatible checks, offers specially designed envelopes for Wallet checks. According to their Wallet Check Envelopes (scroll down the webpage a little to locate that entry) or Wallet Plus Check Envelopes have a special feature to hold the check firmly in place within the envelope.

    Disclaimer: I'm going by what I've been reading on Intuit's website for years but cannot verify the above from my own experience.
    For my own check printing needs I use Voucher Checks and, if needed, a box of window envelopes for voucher checks fits quite nicely.