Adjusting dividends


Situation: Day 0: dividend for XX issued, reinvested. Normal stuff.
Day 5: dividend adjustment for XX issued, for a small fraction of Day 0, with small negative amount and small negative share fraction (and thus a positive price).

How to record? the ReInvDiv trans type will allow a negative amt, but not a negative share count.
A RemoveShares trans type will remove shares, has no provision to remove the $ associated
I can manually edit the original ReinvDiv trans to reduce both shares & amt, leaves me with one Q transactions matching neither of the transactions shown on the provider's website. (And an investment account has no provision to attach an explanatory note.)

What is recommended in this situation?


  • q_lurker
    q_lurker SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭

    I’d edit the day 0 transaction and use the memo field for a concise reminder. You can also use a Reminder transaction for further memo-type explanations.