The purpose of this post is to seek support from Quicken users to identify if they are affected by the below issue and to encourage them to contact NFCU to resolve this issue immediately. I feel the only way to get NFCU to take action is to unite and repeatedly contact them to take responsibility and give visibility in why our financial data is being mismanaged.

Since the beginning of 2024 when NFCU launch its new website, I notice an issue with the downloaded QFX file for both mine and my wife's VISA credit card accounts. In viewing the XML in the QFX file I noticed at the bottom in the <LEDGERBAL> AND <AVAILBAL> the <DTASOF> element for both sections was incorrect. These dates should be the date of download instead my have a date of 20220215103344.889 for both elements.

This incorrect data causes Quicken to fail reconciling the account because it cannot find any transactions prior to this date. The workaround is to manually correct these to XML element dates.

The problem is NFCU has failed to take any action to resolve this issue in over 5 months. I have contacted them numerous times via their website secure message giving them all the details and the corrupted qfx files. Their response if very polite and states they have reported this and it is being investigated. I feel this is not an acceptable response or action. This should have been addressed immediate as a critical bug fix. I don't know if the problem lies with NFCU or possibly with VISA. NFCU does not allow any interaction with the group of their organization of if it is their 3rd party vendor for their website. I was able to speak to their Digital Department but their only purpose is to help users understand the interface not deal is the interfaces issues. They advised me that NFCU will be launching the new mobile version shortly, to here is another change for NFCU to fail it's customer.