NVDA stock Split


I am new to this and quicken will not let me update my NVDA shares and price after the stock split -- Need Help.


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    Hi @IdahoMusher

    We'll need some additional information in order to help you. please answer the following questions as best you can, then we'll go from there.

    • Are you seeing any error code when you try to update your NVDA shares? If so which error code are you seeing.
    • Are the shares held in a brokerage account that you have routinely downloaded transactions from, or are they in an account where you manually insert transactions?
    • Has the stock split been correctly entered in Quicken - in other words does Quicken currently report the correct number of shares that you hold?
    • Can you give us any additional information that will help us understand what you are seeing in your Quicken file?

    Get back to us and we'll go from there.


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    so what are the details -
    what version - Starter, Deluxe, Premiere - and Release … Help —> About Quicken

    Does Quicken currently reflect the 10:1 split - both in shares & price of NVDA ?
    OR - Did your brokerage just download the ADD SHARES transaction ?

    if not - then just enter this SPLIT into the Register where the brokerage transactions and the NVDA stock exists -