Q for Mac: Entering Transactions (not viewing) in advance to my Checking Register

LL Cool Jay
LL Cool Jay Member ✭✭

For many years I have gone through the task of entering all of my
reoccurring payments to utilities, credit card and other monthly payments in advance in my Checking register. It takes a few hours to do this.

Is there a method of doing this automatically but selecting one transaction and having it duplicate it for the same day of the month for however many months I choose?

This helps me maximize my interest incoming.


  • Gilles9
    Gilles9 Windows Beta, Mac Beta Beta

    In register, selct a transaction you want as recurring, and use the contextual menu to "Schedule the selected transaction"


  • LL Cool Jay
    LL Cool Jay Member ✭✭

    That's what I have been looking for.