Quicken Classic Mac 7.8 has been released!

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We have started to roll out Quicken Classic for Mac (7.8)!

You can get the latest Quicken build by clicking "Check for Updates" under the Quicken menu.

Thank you for your help and support.

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The Quicken for Mac Team

Please take a moment to review the summary and try the new features in the product. 


  • NEW Added a Watchlist that allows you to monitor specific securities for potential trading or investing opportunities (available in Premier and Business & Personal subscriptions)


  • NEW You can now create folders to organize your custom reports more efficiently


  • NEW You can now create a Loan to Others to track received payments and income interest for a loan you have made to another person or a business


  • FIXED Fixed an issue where an edited transaction was not scrolled back into view when saving
  • FIXED Fixed an issue where the search field was cleared when switching between tabs in the Payees & Rules window

Thank you!

Quicken Bree


  • michaelweinberg
    michaelweinberg Member ✭✭✭

    Thank you for letting us know that a new version has been released. I do feel compelled to comment, though, that these updates (except perhaps for the Watchlist) will not be of much use to most Quicken users. I'm skeptical that many have loans to others that are material enough to want to track them in Quicken or that most users have so many custom reports that they need folders to organize them. I believe it would be much more useful to many more users to focus on the items that have been requested in this forum—some for several years. Examples would be (1) allowing the user to see a budget report through a specified date (or at least through the end of the prior month, which should be easy to do as Quicken already prepares that report; for example, the report through June 30 already is created by Quicken on June 30, but, for some reason, become impossible to create on July 1) and (2) a financial planing tool analogous to that which has existed for decades in the Windows version (although I acknowledge that this item would be more difficult to create). I make the foregoing comments not to be a complainer, but to try to make a product I love and have used for decades even better. Thank you for providing a quality and useful product; here's hoping it can improve further in ways that benefit more users.

  • Chris Tufty
    Chris Tufty Member ✭✭

    This new release keeps crashing!!! I have to force quit each time. I talked to Apple and Quicken and found out this release is not compatible with iMac Ventura! Please let me reinstate my older version or debug this one!

  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    Ventura is less than 2 years old, it's highly unlikely that the current version of Quicken is incompatible with that; also they've been pretty good in the past about announcing when they're dropping support for older versions of Mac OS and they've said nothing about dropping Ventura support.

    I would go to the Help menu and select "Report a Problem", make sure you check all the options for log files & include a sanitized data file. That's the best way to get the developers to look at the problem.

  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta

    Here's the official compatibility: https://www.quicken.com/system-requirements/mac "Current version plus two previous versions". Sonoma macOS 14 is current and Ventura macOS 13 is the previous version. So the current QMac is definitely compatible. That is not your problem. I would suggest restarting the computer and re-download and reinstall QMac from the Quicken website for starters.

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