Allow removing a tag or tags in Transaction Info popup

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I have a number of transactions with a tag, call it TagA, and a mix of other tags (some have TagB, some others have TagC, some have both, etc). I’d like to remove TagA from some of those transactions while leaving any other tags a transaction might have. I can select the transactions I’d like to remove TagA from and do an Edit Transaction or Get Info, but there doesn’t seem like there’s a way to remove tags. I can add tags, or replace tags, but I don’t want to add nor replace (I want any tags other than TagA to be left on the transactions).

So I’d like to request that in addition to the Add to existing tags and Replace existing tags radio buttons under Tags: in the Transaction Info window, there be a Remove tags radio button. Entering one or more tags in the Tags input field, selecting the Remove tags radio button, and clicking OK would remove the tags entered in the input field from the selected transactions, leaving any other tags alone.

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