Working with the "Maturity Dates for Bonds and CDs" Report

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I hold about a score of bonds and CDs in brokerage. So, once I got this report working, it was much easier to use than a calendar entry for each investment. I did have a few things to learn about the report:

(1) If a fixed income investment is transferred between accounts, the report picks up the BUY on the old account and the ADD on the new account and puts it on the report once for each account. In my case I was able to fix this by excluding the old account from the report.

(2) If you hold two lots of the same CUSSIP they will be combined in Holdings but appear as separate lots on the report.

(3) A message at the bottom of the report says that if you don't see a bond listed you should check to make sure you specified a maturity date, and to make sure that you recorded the transaction in an investment account. I found that for 4 of 21 bonds I needed to delete and reenter the purchase. Since I don't remember the history of entering the 4, I have no idea what was unique about them.