Cannot record sell of split share

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I want to record a sell of split share. The split happen as below:


When I want to record the sell, Quicken refused to proceed by showing that I owned just 1 share short.


I supposed to own 18,200 shares (by clicking on "Sell all shares in this account), but when I click "Enter/Done" button, it says that maximum shares is only 18,199.

How should I proceed to record this sell?

Note 1: I entered all transactions manually.
Note 2: The number of shares and amount of 9,646 was matched with my brokerage account.


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    I would attempt to figure out when the share count went off by examining the holding on appropriate dates and attempt to correct the issue.   You could also attempt to recalculate the investment register: or Validate and Repair the data file:  If Quicken really has an issue with the split, you should be able to use a "Remove - Shares Removed" and an "Add - Shares Added" to adjust the holding instead.
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    I've done Validate and Repair. I also tick Rebuild Investing Lots.
    But the result is the same.
    I'll try to add an extra share of that 1 unit, sell it then remove the balance to make it 0.
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    Done the above. Successfully record the sell. Yes, looks like something wrong of how Quicken handle the split share. 


    For now, this is the way.
    Thanks Sherlock for your feedback.
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