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In the accounts panel (When you click on accounts list), there is a breakdown  of investment accounts into "investment" and "retirement". However, in the left side panel in the main view in Quicken, this breakdown is lost, and there is only one category, "Investing". I would like this same breakdown in my main left side panel, as this merging of all investment accounts into a giant category is not what I want and inconsistent with the accounts view. How can I achieve this?


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    You can't directly in the accounts list AFAIK.  What I suggest as a workaround is that you customize your home page and add the snapshot:  Investment and Retirement accounts.
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    When you say "the left side panel in the main view in Quicken" are you referring to the "Account Bar", the list of all of your Accounts that can be either on the left or right of the screen depending on your preferences?  If that's the case, then in my Account Bar (Q2019) there is a faint line that divides the Investment Accounts into taxable Accounts, (above the line), and tax-deferred/non-taxable Accounts (below the line).

    Perhaps this line is there because I arraigned the sort order of the Accounts from largest to smallest in each group?  I really don't remember since I set up this order long ago.
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    As Tom Young said, the fine line separating investment accounts in the Account Bar, divides taxable accounts from non-taxable accounts.  The group that an account belongs to is controlled by the Tax deferred setting on the General tab in Account Details.

    The arrows in the Account List allow you to reorder accounts withing their respective groups.

    The grouping and ordering of these accounts in the Account Bar matches the Account List.

    Also, if you have a truly giant investment account list, that may be due to displaying old accounts that are empty or closed, you can hide these to reduce the size of the list.
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    I see the fine line. I want that to be more pronounced, or simply just like the account list with the words "investments" and "Retirement". I guess this is just an inconsistent UI decision that was made. and I'll have to deal with it. 
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    There aren't any user preference settings to change the appearance of this.  The Account Bar has limited space so obviously this was done to keep everything compact.  You'll also find this line in Banking and Property & Debt, separating bank from credit card accounts and asset from debt accounts, respectively.

    Once you're aware of it's subtle meaning, you get used to it.

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