Transferring Transactions from a Quicken account to another Quicken account

Vanguard required setting up new Brokerage accounts. Converted those and the new accounts were established. I still have the old Vanguard accounts in Quicken. The new accounts only show that the securities were transferred. Is there a way I can transfer all transactions from the old Quicken account to the new Quicken account?

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  • howiephowiep Member
    edited March 23
    Thanks for the reply. I have seen the feature you addressed. Since there are years of transactions in the old account, is it a good idea to transfer the shares in the NEW account BACK to the OLD account, and then change the OLD account number to the NEW one? Then I could disable the download capability of the NEW account and be done. How does that sound to you? The other way to do this might be to first disable the NEW account, change the account number of the OLD account and try a download.
  • howiephowiep Member
    Thanks for your input. I will give it a try using your advise and let you know.
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