Seperating dividends in tax-deferred accounts from taxable accounts

The Report "Tax Schedule" is combining dividends from both taxable and tax-deferred accounts into the "Schedule B - Dividend income."  Therefore, the subtotal for "Dividend income" does accurately represent what should be reported on Schedule B tax form.   How can dividends (and/or interest) from tax-deferred accounts be excluded from the "Tax Schedule" report?  I do NOT want to exclude the tax-deferred account as it does have some transactions (distributions, rollovers) that need to appear in the "Tax Schedule."  I only want to exclude the tax-deferred dividends (or interest).  


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    The short answer is that you can not have it both ways.
    The default tax reports exclude tax deferred accounts. The result is that all activity within a tax deferred account is excluded - as it should be. The exclusion includes interest, dividends, capital gains/losses, etc.

    Tax implications of contributions and distributions are recognized by assigning the appropriate tax line items to the "Transfers In/Out" tax attribute of the tax deferred account. This is handled by editing Account Details.

    The following link describes a recommended procedure for handling distributions with tax withholdings:

    There are generally procures or work-arounds for handling most situations - without including these accounts in the tax reports. If you could elaborate a bit on your particular situation(s) someone here can likely help out.
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    The tax-deferred accounts should not be included in the Tax Schedule report.  The tax-related events that may have occurred in the tax-deferred should appear in non-tax-deferred accounts.  For example, a distribution from a traditional IRA account may be reported as taxable income when the distribution is placed in a regular checking account.
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    Adding- to the extent you follow the directions in the link, Form 1099-R distributions will show up in the Tax Schedule report without having your tax-deferred accounts selected in the report. That taxable income will flow into the report from the taxable accounts into which the distributions are made.  The only exception is the case in which the account to which a 1099-R distribution is received is not one that is tracked in your data file.
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