Reports/Tax/"Schedule A" vs "Tax Summary" vs "Tax Schedule"

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A Liability Account is created to record a building fund pledge.  Monthly, a check is written to the organization.  The Checking Account is credited (by listing the [building fund] account) and the Liability account is debited (via a transfer transaction).  In this way, the amount paid every month is tracked, as well as the amount remaining in the pledge.
Using Edit/Delete Account/Tax Schedule option, a tax line has been assigned to the Liability account (Schedule A: Cash Charity Contributions) for both transfers in and out.
When running the report "Tax/Tax Summary" the transfers from Checking to Liability show up as transfers, as expected. 
When running the report "Tax/Tax Schedule" the transfers appear, as expected, under the "Cash Charity Contributions" header (due to the assignment of the account's transfers to the Schedule A tax line).
When running Tax report "Tax/Schedule A" the transferred amounts are not included.  They do not appear anywhere in the report.

The "Tax/Schedule A" report's settings are set as follows:
Accounts Select all
Categories Select all
Payees Select all
Tags Select all
Advanced (no settings.  There are no options on this tab.  Usually this is where the
instructions to include transfers are listed.  But, there is nothing on this
page other than the word "Transactions".)
I'll leave it to the experts, but I think all of the various reports should match.  And, perhaps the "Advanced" tab on the Schedule A is broken.

Is this normal?

Thanks, in advance.
Tim C.

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    From C. D. Bales:

    "Advanced (no settings.  There are no options on this tab.  Usually this is where the instructions to include transfers are listed.  But, there is nothing on this page other than the word 'Transactions'.)"

    That seems to be where the problem lies - I can't say whether it intentional or accidental.

    In my tests, all the personal individual tax schedule reports (A, B, D) appear to exclude transfers by default ... with no way to change that default.

    [The Customize > Advanced tab in Q2017 and Q2012 looks the same as it does in Q2019.]

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  • Timothy Collier
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    Thanks for the response.  In my opinion, excluding transfers from the individual tax schedule reports makes those reports problematic, especially when half of the capability works (assigning transfers in an account to a specific tax schedule line).  I would consider this a bug.
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