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One step Update indicates there is an update to Quicken available. Selecting DOWNLOAD returns message the Quicken is already up yo date. Current version is Q2019 HB&R R20.15.

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  • GeoffG
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    As with all new releases, the upgrade is in staged roll out. It's unusual to get a notification and not be able to download the upgrade. You should be presented with the upgrade option again in a day or two. If you want to get the upgrade anyway, it's available from the link.

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  • Michael Jones
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    I got this same thing this morning.  The odd thing about it was that while it said there was a new version available (which there obviously is as noted by GeoffG since I went and pulled it using the mondo patch), the release notes kept showing for the current release I already had installed.  Maybe it's because Quicken has pushed 2 patches at the same time that's confusing things?  (21.12 and 21.16 are both 'new' from the build I was running at 20.15).

    Anyhow, would also be nice if Quicken site admins would start posting release announcements for the PC version as they have been doing for the Mac versions for some time.  
  • Lou Meyer
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    Mondo Patch successful
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