Truncated category names in reports?

Is there still a way to have categories in a report detail appear truncated, so that the right-most subcategory, the important one, is visible without widening the column? There used to be, but I cannot find it in Q2019.


  • UKR
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    How many nested levels of subcategories do you have?
    How many characters long is each of the subcategories?
    In many reports Quicken does not expect extremely long subcategories where the length of the category column would exceed the screen width or paper width.
    Can you give us some samples of long Category names in your data file?
  • Joseph Witkin
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    Example would be "Personal Income/Taxable IRA Inc/0131-SEP IRA Withdrawal".

    There use to be a way to display them right-justified instead of left-justified (so "Withdrawal" would be be on the right of the text box, and whatever fit to the left would go from there, rather than starting with "Personal" on the left, and displatying what fits to the right), which is never enough to see the actual category.
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    This would not solve the issue of long category names having to fit into too short category fields, but it would flip the display to show the right part of the text instead of the left part:

    Register data entry flipped right-to-left

    While in a Quicken banking account register, move the mouse pointer somewhere inside the register and click the Windows Application Key aka Windows Menu Key. On a desktop keyboard it is usually located immediately to the left of the right CTRL key. Not all keyboards have this key, some laptops may not have it. The key looks like a popup window, a rectangular box with a few lines in it and a mouse pointer arrow.
    If you don't have this key, press SHIFT+F10 instead.
    This should open a popup window with an option "Right-to-left reading order". Click it to check it and see if that gives you the results you're looking for.
    If not, click it again to uncheck it and everything should be back to normal.

    This only works for data entry in a register's selected field. Once you tab away from the field, the displayed data revert to showing left aligned again.

    Other than that ...
    tabular reports showing transaction detail, with category as a column, are notorious for not having enough space to show the entire long column name.
    OTOH, reports like Itemized Categories or Tax Summary are better at showing transactions with indented subcategory names, e.g.,
    Personal Income
       Taxable IRA Inc
          0131-SEP IRA Withdrawal

  • Joseph Witkin
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    Thanks. Ya, I have no problem in the transaction registers - just in reports. I can live with it, just room for improvement.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    "Personal Income" in Quicken is more commonly a Category Group. You can get rid of a layer if you use it as such. And if you use such long category names, you can expect they'll run out of space in various places.

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