Report Date Range: "Custom to Date"

Using Quicken 2017 H & B for Windows, Version R19.8, Build

I've found numerous posts about this subject, many going back years. Here is my issue: choosing "Custom to Date" works the day you choose it. The next day the "to Date" date is yesterday, when I first chose that date range option.

Plus, the report no longer says it's a "Custom to Date" report. It has changed itself to a pure "Custom Date" report with a beginning date and an ending date. I can change it back and the next day it has changed itself again.

I have reports that use the range "Earliest to Date", and they work as expected, showing today's date as the current report date.

Any new comments or suggestions? Thanks for any replies!
- Jim S.

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  • jimshu1
    jimshu1 Member ✭✭
    Thanks for the reply UKR!

    Yes, I use that custom date range on numerous reports already, and it would be an OK work-around. Just wondered why "Custom to Date" doesn't work like it should.
    - Jim S.
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