When starting, does Quicken always connect to server if connection available.

Because of the small delay in Quicken opening sometimes, I figured it was calling home to check licensing status. Now with the solution to logon screen being resolved, this was part of the fix below:
"Our investigation determined that the root cause of this behavior was not due to the R25.10 product update, but was instead caused by a separate, internal server update that was released at the same time as the R25.10 update."
Since it was an internal server, then Quicken desktop, even though I use no online functions at all, calls home. I can live with that because I think it is licensing, but I cam also think of easier way yo check licenses locally on individual's computer. Can someone answer these questions.
1) Why does Quicken connect with server when I just use it as check register?
2) Will Quicken work if I lose internet connection as I don't use any online functions anyway?
3) Does Quicken pull any of my data down to server?

Also, thanks for the fix on issue 25:10 and for posting update. Will do another upgrade after my next image.


  • Ps56k2
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    #1 - don't know for sure
    #2 - yes - it will try, and ignore it, or timeout, and you can use it as normal
    #3 - your data is local UNLESS you setup the Quicken Cloud to Sync a specified set of your accounts... if no setup to Sync - then no data -
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  • Divemaster
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    Thanks, I would guess one of the reasons for #1 question is checking version and if update needed. I also wondered if it is to check for license issues. It seems that I once seen a post that the Quicken data file is checked for a license validity and not the executable.
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