Quicken 2015 forcing me to login and then gets error

My personal system died and had to be replaced. I loaded my Quicken 2015 Home and Business (see no reason to upgrade as I don't connect to anything) on to the replacement system and am now being forced to login to Quicken. I created an account although haven't signed up for a subscription, but when I try to login I get an unexpected error and am told to try again later.

As you can tell, I don't want a subscription for a current version, but do want to use the software I purchased years ago. Any idea how to get around this issue so I can move on the entering my updates and balance my accounts?

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  • 2oolate
    2oolate Member
    So I went to the link and downloaded the latest update for Q2015, but now I'm getting an error that I have to update and don't have that option. Clicked on the link provided, but that only offers updates for 2017 and later.
  • GeoffG
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    You did not scroll down far enough. This is the patch for your version.

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  • 2oolate
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    Thanks Geoff. I thought I grabbed the last release of 2015...obviously not!
    Thanks again!
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