Upgrade fron Deluxe 2017 to 2019 Direct

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I purchased Deluxe 2019 Direct on 11?19/2019. I thought it would upgrade automatically but I notice I'm still on 2017. Saw a message about end of life and support for 2017. I can not for the life of me see any way to convert to 2019. Any help?

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  • GeoffG
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    You will need to install Quicken. If you purchased directly from quicken.com, go to the site and log on to your account. You will see the option to download the installer app.
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  • lindales
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    OK, one problem solved. Done in by Edge. Not displaying my account info correctly. Went back to I.E. and it was there, However, in trying to download, it first removes old version and the stopped in the middle of download showing error code 1310. Now what?
  • lindales
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    Finally. Hope this is finally it. Changed my Location from C drive to D and the download came through. My computer has SSD boot drive (C) and a 1TB spinner. Thinking back, I had installed most of my programs onto the D drive to keep the C drive fast and nimble. Thanks for the help.
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