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How can i delete a bill reminder marked [auto]?

This bill reminder appeared unexpectedly, and I cannot discover how to be rid of it. I am running R27.28 on Windows 10. Many thanks for suggestions. Dad1669

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  • GeoffGGeoffG SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    d&kepps said:
    This bill reminder appeared unexpectedly, and I cannot discover how to be rid of it.
    Not sure why you state "unexpectedly" as this reminder was created to auto enter per your instructions. If you want to delete or edit it, press Ctrl-J then select the reminder in question. You will see Edit to the far right, selecting Edit will bring up a pop-up that allows for delete or edit.

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  • d&keppsd&kepps Member ✭✭
    Many thanks for the reply. It worked. Apparently it was the Ctrl-J that did the trick!
  • d&keppsd&kepps Member ✭✭
    Oops! What happened was that for the first time ever when I clicked on edit in the reminder it gave a pop-up that included "delete", which I did and assumed that did the trick. Unfortunately, it did not and the [auto] reminder is back, and the "edit" box at the far right end of the line is completely unresponsive. Can you make out the problem here?
  • d&keppsd&kepps Member ✭✭
    Sorry, Geoff, but after you replied I discovered that Ctrl-J was not a magic code, but simply opened the reminder list! This reminder has "Done" in the status column and in the Action Column it has [auto] edit, ignore. All three are non-responsive. This is obviously not critical, but I do not recall having set it up, and wonder why it is stuck there!
  • d&keppsd&kepps Member ✭✭
    Thanks, Geoff, validate fixed it! Sorry to bother you with such a simple thing, but you've been most helpful.
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