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Online Center and duplication of bills being uploaded

Hello, I need help. I entered 24 bills in the online center, like I have done every week for over 10 years. I selected "Update/Send", then entered my password for Bank of America, as a connection was made between my Quicken Desktop and BofA.

 I did get an error message back that two of my payment requests could not be fulfilled as the date was not possible.

 It took me three tries to finally get the last two payments accepted. When the update ended, the online center popped back up and the two payments that had trouble came into my online center with the remaining 20 payments still labeled as "SEND" as a payment status.

 The two that I had trouble with, were assigned check numbers and the ones designated as "Send" have a "-----" where I normally see a check number.

 When I go to BofA, I see that the payments were processed and are scheduled to send on the specified date that was set up in Quicken. In addition, one of the two troublesome payments, submitted three times and three payments were schedule to go - I canceled two of those.

 When I go back to Quicken, and try to close the program, it notes that I still have the payments pending for the 20 that do appear in BofA and do I want to send those payments before closing.

 If I hit no, they stay in Quicken, if I hit yes, then possibly duplicate payments will go. The problem is, I DO NOT SEE anywhere in Quicken where these are sitting.

 I do see them in the checkbook, and I can cancel the payment there, but Quicken will want to send a "cancel" notification to Bank of America and I am afraid that the ones I do see in BofA (20 payments) will be canceled. I need HELP !!!!

Any and all help is very much appreciated !!!!


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  • Hello @Carol Thomas

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. It sounds like you're using your banks bill pay and it's just not lining up. I'm wondering if maybe we're able to find those payments that you've deleted in the online center. You can find this across the top by going to tools > online center > Payments. Here you should see a list of all the payments that are in the register. Double check to see if the ones that you can't find might be located in here. 

    Could you double check in there and see if we're able to delete they payments if they're located if there. If not we'll see what we can try next.


    Quicken Francisco

  • Carol ThomasCarol Thomas Member ✭✭
    Hopefully my screen share worked. I enter bills via online center/payment tab and then via update I push them the BofA. Normally, the action take a few minutes and BofA sends back check numbers for every payment. I have been doing bills for the past 11 years this way with no problems. Occasionally I get an error with a "no can do" on a date and I need to change the payment date, then update again and all works and I get the check number. Each time I update now (One Step Update), second image attached, it shows me nothing is going to be sent to BofA, but the first image shows that it is still in the "Send" stage - it will be on a second post as I cannot put two images to this post. Here, if anything was left to send, it would appear in the one step update list.
  • Carol ThomasCarol Thomas Member ✭✭
    one step update image
  • Carol ThomasCarol Thomas Member ✭✭
    check register image - why would check register still shows as they are still in the Send mode.
  • Carol ThomasCarol Thomas Member ✭✭
    Lastly, if they are in Bank of America, and processing at Bank of America,then why, when I close out of Quicken, do I get the message of still having payments in the Online center and do I want to "send" them before exiting, yet they are no t listed anywhere when I go to One Step Update and update. See attached screen image.
  • @Carol Thomas

    Thanks for the updates. I apologize for not responding sooner. I was taking a look at the photos and posts to try identify anything that would help us figure out what is giving us the issue but I'm still not sure. I think in this case it would be best to Quicken Support via chat or phone and sharing your screen with one of our support reps, if you feel comfortable doing so, to have the matter looked at and hopefully fixed promptly. I'll leave our hours down below so you can find a time that works best for you.


    Quicken Francisco

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