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Schwab Download/Update returns Error 403 on all acounts



  • mattvandykmattvandyk Member
    This issue continues today for all of my Schwab accounts (both Schwab Retirement Plan Services and Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.). I have tried everything, but given the above, it appears I'm not alone. I have sent logs to Francisco per the above. Please update this thread when a solution is reached. Thanks.
  • himalayahimalaya Member ✭✭
    same here
  • hkrommerhkrommer Member
    edited January 12
    Same here ..... either Quicken or Schwab changed something [removed - off-topic/disruptive]
  • ja_in_paja_in_pa Member ✭✭
    I'm getting this error with my Discover Card account as well.
  • calfoxiiicalfoxiii Member
    Thanks for sharing the info on Schwab. Regarding the comment on discover card.... my issues started as Schwab and discover. I tried the reset connections in quicken. That fixed the discover card issue but not the Schwab. May want to give that a shot?
  • ja_in_paja_in_pa Member ✭✭
    Thanks, calfoxii. I just reset the connection for my Discover Card, and I no longer get an error with that account.
  • Richard@[email protected] Member ✭✭✭
    Received the same error both yesterday and today.  Thanks all for confirming it is a Schwab issue.  Hope it gets fixed soon.
  • cwienercwiener Member ✭✭
    Same issue here - logs submitted.
  • hurwihurwi Mac Beta Beta
    Same issue.
  • cwaltercwalter Member
    Same issue. Logs submitted.
  • dhammabobdhammabob Member ✭✭
    edited January 12
    Same here, started yesterday 1/20/21 and still not working for Schwab
  • New UserNew User Member ✭✭
    Same problem here
  • rl4265rl4265 Mac Beta Beta
    I'm having same issue with Schwab accounts.  There is a Quicken Alert 8242722 for this issue. My last successful connection was on Sunday Morning Pacific time.  I've worked with Schwab as well and have given Quicken support my Schwab ticket number.

    I'm also having similar problems with Discover.  Direct Connect won't work, but Quicken Connect works properly.  Again, I've given Quicken support this issue.
  • nycpennnycpenn Member
    I am also getting the error 403 dialog box when trying to upate four Schwab investment accounts. Just started this morning.
  • rl4265rl4265 Mac Beta Beta
    edited January 12
    ja_in_pa said:
    Thanks, calfoxii. I just reset the connection for my Discover Card, and I no longer get an error with that account.
    Thanks for your hints.  I tried resetting my Discover Card and it didn't work for me.  I connected via Quicken Connect which worked fine.  Next I tried switching back to direct connect and again things don't work.  I tried entering a bad password to see if I received a bad password alert and didn't get one.  I'm assuming that something is getting blocked at the server.

  • Same for me. All Schwab accounts not connecting (403 error). Last successful connection was 1/7/2021. All other accounts connect and download.
  • Renzo BianchiRenzo Bianchi Member ✭✭
    Thanks for all of the updates on this issue. I hope it is a high priority in Schwab as Quicken paired with the Schwab trading platform is an important partnership in maintaining a portfolio across multiple brokerages, etc.
  • Hello everyone, 

    I'd like to thank you all for submitting logs.  We've collected enough to identify the issue and should no longer need anyone to report the issue anymore. As other users have mentioned the issues seems to have been caused by a blocking issue on Schwab's side.  Currently there is no ETA on the issue. 

    Quicken Francisco
  • GIWaltGIWalt Member ✭✭
    Schwab is a pretty significant player to be down so hopefully this is a high priority and fixed soon.
  • vhkvhk Member
    Log files sent
  • pwilliepwillie Member
    Same issue... my first day using Quicken for Mac after 20 years+ of Quicken for Windows... Not going too well so far. This problem and also found out cannot track Employee Stock Options in the Mac version either.
  • calfoxiiicalfoxiii Member
    Just tried a synch and the problem appears to have been fixed... thanks all!
  • GIWaltGIWalt Member ✭✭
    Just tried to sync and did not get Schwab errors. I will TENTATIVELY say this is fixed as I will try a few more times over the next couple of days before declaring it fixed. Still, thank you to Quicken/Schwab for what appears to be a relatively quick resolution.
  • LarryNolanLarryNolan Member
    Had these errors a day ago. Today 1/12 afternoon no more problems. Quicken 2020 Mac
  • mattvandykmattvandyk Member
    Seems to have been fixed.
  • rl4265rl4265 Mac Beta Beta
    As of today (1/13/21) both Discover and Schwab accounts download correctly so issue seems to have been resolved.
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