Brokerage account download doesn't include cash items?

I have a wealthscape investor account that is capable of the proper connection for downloaded transactions and securities values and such, but I've noticed recently that the downloads are excluding the cash value of dividends held in the account as any sort of a downloaded item or part of the calculated value in the account. I went to the trouble of disconnecting the current account, adding a new account and connecting it for downloads, and it downloaded for the first time and only added the securities at their current value to the account, and not "settled cash". As such, the "market value" for the account in Quicken does not equal the "account value" in the wealthscape account portal.

Anyone have any idea why? I'm not seeing any sort of settings or options available to me to see the uninvested cash in that account.

In the previous account that had accumulated downloaded data since about early 2014, I noticed in the recent few months the downloaded transactions had mysteriously missed a stock split, and I had to go thru the motions to add that split and get it to make sense to the security it was for and all that. Once I had it seemingly reflecting the values of securities mostly correctly (or somewhat anyway - another stock split from early in the life of the account didn't seem to be quite right either and I did my best to adjust it), I noticed that the discrepancy was the complete absence of held dividends awaiting more investment as part of the account's overall balance/value.



  • Hello @William McLachlan

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. It sounds like the cash may not be included in the download from wealthscape. This may be something that you'd need to talk about wealthscape with as they're the ones who control what is imported into Quicken with it being direct connect. Another thing that may also work is making a manual adjustment but then you'd still have to do this occasionally since it's something that changes consistently. 

    My last guess would be to maybe check to see if any transactions might indicate the cash is being downloaded but not put in the proper place but I believe you've already done this. In any case please let us know what you can find out and we'll see if we're  able to do anything.


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  • Thank you. I'll try to reach out to Wealthscape tech support. For clarity, received dividends are seen and downloaded as account activity when the dividends are 'swept' into a holdings-type security the brokerage allows cash to be routed to, and that holding security seems to be something that's downloaded and understood by the quicken brokerage account, but I set my account recently to cease taking advantage of the "holding security" and leave it as cash as I made stock purchases. It seems that at that point the balances diverged, I don't see a transaction reflecting the "sale" of the holding security and any cash balance, and a subsequent stock split transaction was missed, and everything just went sort of wonky. More updates if I find out something from the institution's tech support.


  • To add one extra dimension to my post, is it possible in some way to set the brokerage account to "re-download" some portion of past transactions, up to at least whatever limit the institution offers (like 4 months, or 1 year or whatever) on past transaction availability? I tried setting the "donwload from" date setting in the account settings, and nothing changed. I was hoping the missing stock split transaction and a number of other missing small utility transactions like dividends being deposited would show up, but seems it was a no-go. 🤷‍♂️
  • @William McLachlan

    Thanks for the update. Please do let us know if you find anything out with the FI. As it goes for how far back we're able to download it will depend on the FI when it comes to investments. Quite a few of the major investment firms go back around 2 years but I'm not sure about wealthscape. You may be able to try to download the transactions from the FI's website and try importing them in to another account to see how far you're able to go back as well. It may be farther than you're able to by directly setting up through quicken. You'll want to find a part of the website that has a export/download area and see if you're able to download to a QFX file to import into Quicken

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