Several Mutual Fund NAV quotes not updating

Since yesterday, several Vanguard mutual fund NAVs and one T.RowePrice fund NAV have not updated. VBIAX, VFIAX, VMLUX, and PRWCX.

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  • Funds that did not update correctly:
    I tried to update "Historical quotes" for the last five days again. This still did not fix the issue. I had to update the quotes manually from Yahoo! Finance.
    Please advise.
  • Gilley7997
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    I'm also seeing this same problem, and in some additional funds like VMIAX and VIPIX, VIGIX. Basically it looks like something with Vanguard Funds seems incorrect.
  • Yes, I am having the same issue with the following Vanguard funds as well: VWILX, VTABX, VFIDX. I posted a similar question to this forum earlier as this did not come up on the search.
  • Ps56k2
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    There was a note this morning on the Vanguard APP -
    that some quotes were missing...
    So yeah - it's  it was on Vanguard
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  • No. Yahoo! Finance has the correct quotes.
  • Vanguard website also has the correct quotes. It appears to be Quicken issue.
  • bluestar4500
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    My Vanguard mutual funds quotes are now updated incorrectly when using One Step Update. However they did update properly when clicking Update on the Security Detail View screen, Wierd
  • Michael Farley
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    Appears to be resolved today.
  • Ps56k2
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    yup.... magic happens
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