Is AmEx resetting something every 6 months, which causes Quicken to download to different accounts?

I noticed a while after setting up one account for AmEx in Q in Jul 2020 that a second Business Gold Card account connected to Hong Kong showed up later, with transactions only between Jan 21-Jul 5, 2021 downloading. I do not recall setting up this second account-why would I? The transactions downloaded to the original account ended after Jan 18, 2021, and seemed to pick up in the second account. Then the second account also could not download any later transactions after about 6 months.

So, I tried creating a new AmEx account to see if I could get all transactions, including most recent, to download there, but it only downloaded transactions from June 13, 2021 to current. Does anyone know if AmEx is resetting something every 6 months to cause Q to create separate accounts at those points in time? Or is this a Quicken quirk?

In the meantime, is there a kluge or better workaround to get all my past transactions to transfer to my current AmEx Quicken account? I don't see a way to copy and paste transactions in the Edit menu.

I tried exporting the older transactions in the first AmEx account to a CSV file, set up an account with (which is required for this process for some reason), but the download from AmEx to the Mint system is taking forever or is on a hang. I also tried exporting to a .QXF file and to a .QMTF file, but got a nasty result because the Export feature in the File menu exported ALL the transactions across ALL of my accounts, so when I tried importing the data to my current AmEx account (thinking it had only exported transactions from the account I had open) Q duplicated every checking, savings, credit card, and investment account I have in Quicken. Although it was momentarily exciting to see my net worth double I'm no closer to getting all my AmEx transactions into one account.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, including how to prevent this from reoccurring every 6 months.


  • John_in_NC
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    I can't say if AmEx/Quicken's back end is changing something for what transactions are presented. But I do know that Quicken is not going to create new accounts without manual user intervention. (I.e., a download is not going to auto-create a new account.)

    Getting only a few months of historical transactions during initial download is normal. 

    As for moving transactions (assuming they are all in the same file), select all you wish to move in the target account, and drag them to the name of the target (destination) account in the sidebar. They will be moved to that account. I've never done this with mixed currencies, but that is how you do it with $:$ accounts.

  • Elketa
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    Much appreciated, John_in_NC. The select/drag worked well. Sorry for the delay-life throwing lots of curves lately.
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