How do I get login information screen when setting up a Merrill Lynch Retirement Group acct?

BShep Member
I select Add Account -> Merrill Lynch Retirement Group (i.e., then "next" -> complete investing -> next. I see "add your offline Brokerage account". I don't get a login information screen. Is this an issue with quicken? I can access my account online.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    It appears that Merrill Lynch Retirement Group doesn't offer online access:
    10779    10779    10779    Merrill Lynch Retirement Group    NA    ACTIVE         401K&WEB-CONNECT              NOT_QBP    NA
    You should be able to go to their site and download a OFX log to import information into Quicken.

  • jludwig47
    jludwig47 Member
    Then why does it show up as a supported institution?
  • BShep
    BShep Member
    I was able to add the external account using the fidelity tools.

    Information for the connection is....
    Connection Name: Merrill Lynch Benefits OnLine - via Direct Web Access
    Connection Type: Direct Web Access
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